Qotho is ISO 17034 Accredited as a Certified Reference Material Producer.

The availability and use of matrix-matched reference materials provides a laboratory with a powerful tool to monitor its internal QA/QC performance, besides being a requirement of ISO 17025.

Qotho has the capacity to prepare reference materials in batches from 20kg – 1000kg, depending on the client’s requirements and application. In addition, the remainder of the material that was prepared for any PT round may be purchased on an ad-hoc basis following certification, once the PT round is completed.

Depending on the urgency of the client, certification can be carried out as follows:

  • By participating in one round or several rounds of the relevant PT scheme;
  • By utilising accredited and/or specialist commercial laboratories;
  • By employing a combination of the above.

Whichever route is selected, the Qotho methodology for certification is based on the consensus value of the measurand, using a network of competent laboratories, and following a stringent and robust statistical evaluation protocol, as per the requirements of ISO 13528.