About Us

Qotho Minerals was established in 2013 with the specific goal to design, implement and operate Proficiency Testing Schemes (PTS), and manufacture and certify Reference Materials for the Minerals Industry, globally.

Qotho has expanded to the point where it currently operates 13 schemes, containing 35 samples in total, 6 times per annum. Participation in our schemes affords each laboratory the unique opportunity to assess the accuracy and comparability of their results with peer laboratories over a given period. As a result of the laboratory-specific information provided by the PT schemes, this evidence can be shared internally with, and used by, plant metallurgists to validate the accuracy of their metallurgical accounting models.

Through the scheme, Qotho Reference Materials (QRM’s) are generated, which provide an invaluable tool for further internal monitoring and calibration, for all laboratories involved. Qotho produces matrix-matched reference materials for internal laboratory QA/QC as well as for metallurgical and geological exploration quality control.

Qotho is a SANAS ISO 17043 Accredited Proficiency Testing Scheme Provider and a ISO 17034 Accredited Certified Reference Material Producer.


We have expanded our capacity and international presence, currently servicing over 196 laboratories in Africa and various International countries. Our international client base includes operations in Australia, Finland, Netherlands, China, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, India, Malaysia, Italy, Canada, Turkey, Brazil, USA, UK, DRC, Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania, Gabon, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, Mozambique, in addition to our well-established client base in South Africa.