Qotho Minerals is your premier choice for proficiency testing services in the mining and minerals industry.

As an ISO/IEC 17043 accredited provider, we pride ourselves on delivering reliable and comprehensive proficiency testing programs to enhance the analytical capabilities of organisations engaged in mining and minerals analysis.

To begin, review our 2024 Events Calendar to better understand and organise your participation. Second, read and comprehend the Proficiency Testing Scheme Guidelines to understand what is required of you. Finally, REGISTER!!

At Qotho Minerals, we are also dedicated to supporting the mining and minerals industry with high-quality reference materials that facilitate accurate and reliable analyses. Partner with us for confidence in your quality control and calibration processes.

For more information on our certified reference materials, view our product categories below:

Chrome (69)

Cobalt (9)

Copper (23)

Gold (3)

Heavy Mineral Sands (1)

Iron (22)

Manganese (20)

Nickel (5)

PGMs (11)

Zinc (2)

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