In our relentless pursuit of excellence in mineral analysis, we are reaching out to you, our valued partners, to invite you to play a pivotal role in advancing industry standards. By sponsoring mineral materials for our comprehensive proficiency testing schemes, you have the opportunity to empower laboratories globally and contribute to the evolution of precision in mineral analysis.

The Array of Proficiency Testing Schemes:

Our proficiency testing programs cover a wide spectrum of mineral materials, ensuring a holistic approach to laboratory proficiency. The schemes we offer encompass a diverse range of minerals, including Chrome, Nickel, Manganese, Iron, Copper, Gold, Platinum Group Metals (PGMs), Cobalt, Zinc, Fluxes (Limestone and Quartzite), Vanadium, Heavy Mineral Sands, and Lead.

Why Sponsor Mineral Materials?

  1. Global Impact: Your sponsorship transcends borders, providing laboratories worldwide with access to high-quality mineral materials that mirror real-world scenarios. This global collaboration elevates industry practices and promotes a shared commitment to excellence.
  2. Innovation Catalyst: By sponsoring mineral materials, you stimulate innovation within the industry. Laboratories receive challenging samples that inspire the development of advanced analytical techniques and methodologies, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.
  3. Empowering Emerging Laboratories: Your support enables laboratories, particularly those in emerging markets, to participate in proficiency testing programs. This inclusivity contributes to the democratisation of knowledge and raises the overall standard of mineral analysis globally.

The Profound Impact of Your Sponsorship:

  1. Industry Leadership: Position yourself as a leader in supporting the continuous improvement of laboratory practices. Your sponsorship demonstrates a commitment to fostering trust, credibility, and the highest standards within the industry.
  2. Community Collaboration: Join a community of forward-thinking organisations and individuals dedicated to the growth and improvement of mineral analysis practices globally. Your sponsorship fosters collaborative growth and shared success.

How You Can Express Your Support:

Material Sponsorship: Contribute mineral materials relevant to our proficiency testing schemes. Visit for more information. Navigate to the ‘Contact Us’ section to express your interest in sponsoring mineral materials for proficiency testing. Together, Let’s Shape the Future:

Your sponsorship is not just a contribution; it is a commitment to shaping the future of mineral analysis. Join us in this collaborative journey as we empower laboratories, drive innovation, and elevate industry standards globally.

Thank you for considering this impactful opportunity. We eagerly anticipate the positive transformations we can achieve together.